Statistical tests

Fisher's exact test p-value calculator, 2x2 and 2x3

mid-p adjustment

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium exact test

heterozygote count
homozygote count 1
homozygote count 2

mid-p adjustment

Exact binomial test

total observations
expected success rate
Alternative hypothesis:

These JavaScript calculators employ an accelerated, memory-efficient version of the logic used by the Abecasis Lab's SNP-HWE software. See the PLINK core algorithms page for some discussion.

You can use PLINK 1.9's --hardy, --hwe, and --assoc/--model commands to apply these functions to large genomic datasets.

You are welcome to use this page's JavaScript code in your own software (under GPLv3 terms). C/C++ versions of these functions can be obtained from the GitHub repository.