We are recruiting subjects for a Gene-Trait Association Study of intelligence. Our volunteer study of prosopagnosia has not yet begun; if you wish to learn more about this condition, please visit faceblind.org.

How to qualify

We currently seek participants with high cognitive ability. You can qualify for the study if you have obtained a high SAT/ACT/GRE score, or have performed well in academic competitions such as the Math, Physics, or Informatics Olympiads, the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, TopCoder, etc. You may also qualify via exceptional academic credentials or technical accomplishments, which you will have a chance to specify in the survey.

Automatic qualifying criteria include:

  • An SAT score of at least 760V/800M post-recentering or 700V/780M pre-recentering; ACT score of 35-36; GRE score of at least 700V/800Q; or revised GRE score of at least 166V/166Q.
  • A PhD from a top US program in physics, math, EE, or theoretical computer science.
  • Honorable mention or better in the Putnam competition.

Note that meeting one of these thresholds is sufficient for eligibility, but not necessary. For example, volunteers who fall slightly short of the math threshold but significantly exceed the verbal threshold may still be admitted.

If you qualify as a participant, we may send you DNA collection kits. After you return them, we will sequence your DNA, and the data will eventually be available to you in a format compatible with many 3rd party interpretational tools.

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