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D: 11 Dec 2023

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Standard data input

PLINK 1 binary (.bed)

Autoconversion behavior

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VCF (.vcf[.gz], .bcf)

Oxford (.gen[.gz], .bgen)

23andMe text

Generate random

Unusual chromosome IDs

Recombination map

Allele frequencies



Clusters of samples

Variant sets

Binary distance matrix

IBD report (.genome)

Input filtering

Sample ID file

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Positional ranges file

Cluster membership

Set membership



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Simple variant window

Multiple variant ranges

Sample/variant thinning

Covariates (--filter)

Missing genotypes

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Minor allele frequencies


Mendel errors

Quality scores


Main functions

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Basic statistics









Linkage disequilibrium





Distance matrices






Distance-pheno. analysis





Population stratification





Association analysis

Basic case/control

  (--assoc, --model)

Stratified case/control

  (--mh, --mh2, --homog)

Quantitative trait

  (--assoc, --gxe)

Regression w/ covariates

  (--linear, --logistic)




Monte Carlo permutation

Set-based tests

REML additive heritability

Family-based association





Report postprocessing









Allelic scoring (--score)

R plugins (--R)

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GCTA matrix (.grm.bin...)

Distributed computation

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1000 Genomes

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File formats

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Output file list

This is a brief list of all file extensions generated by PLINK 1.9, along with content summaries and links to the associated flag(s). See the file formats appendix for detailed specifications.

.*.<number>--parallelPartial result of distributed computation.
.adjusted--adjustMultiple-testing-corrected association analysis p-values. mismatch report.
.annot--annotatePLINK report with position/variant ID-based annotations.
.assoc--assoc1df allelic chi-square C/C association analysis report.
.assoc.dosage--dosageDosage association analysis report (could be C/C or QT).
.assoc.fisher--assoc fisher[-midp]Association analysis report using Fisher p-values.
.assoc.linear--linearMulti-covariate quant. trait association analysis report.
.assoc.logistic--logisticMulti-covariate case/control association analysis report.
.auto.R--RR plugin function results.
.beagle.dat--recode beagle-nomapBEAGLE multi-chromosome sample + genome data file.
.bed--make-bed; --merge...PLINK binary biallelic genotype table.
.bed.vmaj(automatic)Variant-major .bed file (when input .bed is sample-major)
.bim--make-bed...; --merge...PLINK variant information file, part of binary fileset.
.*.binseveralMatrix of binary floating point values.
.blocks*--blocksEstimated haplotype blocks.
.chr-*.dat--recode beagleBEAGLE single-autosome sample + genome data file.
.chr-*.map--recode beagleBEAGLE single-autosome variant information file.
.clst--write-clusterPruned cluster list.
.clumped*--clumpReprocessed LD-clumped report.
.cluster*--clusterHierarchical clustering report.
.cmh--mh/--bdCochran-Mantel-Haenszel 2x2xK test report.
.cmh2--mh2Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel IxJxK test report.
.cnv.overlap--cnv-check-no-overlapOverlapping CNV segment report.
.cnv.summary--cfilePer-variant CNV summary.
.cov--write-covar...Covariate table.
.debug.R--R debugSequence of R commands --R would normally execute.
.dfam--dfamSib-TDT association report.
.diff--[b]mergeMerge conflict report from --merge-mode 6 or 7.
.dist--distanceTab-delimited allele count distance matrix.
.dupvar--list-duplicate-varsDuplicate-position-and-alleles variant report.
.eigenval--pcaPrincipal component eigenvalues.
.eigenvec*--pcaPrincipal component eigenvectors.
.epi.*--[fast-]epistasisEpistatic interaction scan reports.
.fam--make-bed...; --merge...PLINK sample information text file, part of binary fileset.
.flipscan*--flip-scanCase/control strand inconsistency report.
.frq--freqBasic allele frequency report. case-controlCase/control phenotype-stratified allele frequency report.
.frq.count--freq countsBasic allele count report.
.frq.strat--freqCluster-stratified allele frequency report.
.frqx--freqxPLINK 1.9 allele + heterozygote count report.
.fst--fstFixation index report.
.gen--recode oxfordOxford variant information + genomic data text file.
.genome--genomeIdentity-by-descent report.
.gplink--gplinkReserved for gPLINK. (Currently a simple error indicator.)
.grm--make-grm-gzGCTA relationship matrix (original format).
.grm.N.bin--make-grm-binGCTA triangular binary observation count matrix.
.grm.bin--make-grm-binGCTA triangular binary relationship matrix. --grm-gz + --rel-cutoff, a pruned set of sample IDs.
.*.gzpackGzipped file; use e.g. "gunzip <filename>" to unpack it.
.het--hetMethod-of-moments F coefficient estimates.
.hh(automatic)List of het. haploid and nonmale Ychr genotypes.
.hom--homozyg...Run-of-homozygosity list.
.hom.indiv--homozyg...Sample-based runs-of-homozygosity report.
.hom.overlap*--homozyg group...Overlapping ROH pool report.
.hom.summary--homozyg...SNP-based runs-of-homozygosity report.
.homog--homogChi-square partitioning odds ratio homogeneity report.
.hwe--hardyHardy-Weinberg equilibrium exact test statistic report.
.ibc--ibcGCTA inbreeding coefficient report.
.*.idlotsOrdered list of sample IDs associated with an analysis.
.imiss--missingSample-based missing data report.
.indel--list-23-indelsList of variants with 23andMe-style indel calls.
.info--recode HV[-1chr]Haploview variant information file.
.irem--mindIDs of samples excluded by --mind.
.lasso--lassoLASSO variant effect size estimates.
.ld--r/--r2Inter-variant correlation table or matrix.
.ldset--set-r2List of same-set marker pairs violating r2 threshold.
.lgen--recode lgen[-ref]PLINK long-format genomic data file.
.list--recode listGenotype list file.
.lmiss--missingVariant-based missing data report.
.map--recodePLINK text fileset variant information file.
.mdist--distance, --ibs-matrixSpace- or tab-delimited distance proportion matrix.
.mdist.missing--cluster missingSpace-delimited identity-by-missingness matrix.
.mds--mds-plotHaploview-friendly multidimensional scaling report.
.mds.eigvals--mds-plot eigvalsMultidimensional scaling eigenvalues.
.*mendel--mendelMendel error reports.
.mibs--distance, --ibs-matrixSpace- or tab-delimited IBS matrix.
.missing--test-missingCase/control nonrandom missingness test report.
.missing.hap--test-mishapAdjacent locus-based nonrandom missingness report.
.missnp--bmerge, --merge-listList of variants with more than two alleles.
.model--model5-test association analysis report.
.mperm--model...Association analysis max(T) permutation test report.
.nearest--neighbourNearest neighbor distance report.
.nopred--scoreList of (non-dosage) --score input file problems.
.nosex(automatic)List of samples with ambiguous sex codes.
.occur.dosage--dosage occurDosage data variant occurrence report.
.out.dosage--write-dosageMerged dosage data.
.ped--recodePLINK/Merlin/Haploview text sample + genome data file.
.perm--model...Association analysis adaptive permutation test report.
.pphe--make-perm-phenoPermuted phenotypes.
.prob--meta-analysisMeta-analysis rejected variant list.
.profile--scoreAllelic scoring results. set of markers in approximate LD.
.prune.out--indep...IDs of variants excluded by LD-based prune.
.qassoc--assocQuantitative phenotype association analysis report.
.qassoc.gxe--gxeQuantitative trait interaction report.
.qassoc.means--assocQuantitative trait means and SDs stratified by genotype.
.qfam--qfam...Family-based quantitative trait association report. gene-based report.
.raw--recode {A,AD}Additive + dominant component file.
.recode.*.txt--recode bimbam[-1chr]BIMBAM genomic data fileset.
.recode.phase.inp--recode fastphase[-1chr]fastPHASE genomic data file.
.recode.strct_in--recode structureStructure genomic data file.
.ref--recode lgen-refReference allele list accompanying .lgen fileset.
.rel--make-relTab-delimited relationship or covariance matrix., --rel-cutoffWith --rel-cutoff, a pruned set of unrelated sample IDs.
.rlist--recode rlistRare genotype list file.
.sample--recode oxfordOxford sample information text file.
.set--write-setVariant set membership list file.
.set.[m]perm--model...Set association permutation test report.
.set.table--set-tableVariant set membership table.
.sexcheck--check-sex...X chromosome-based sex validity report.
.simfreq--simulate[-qt]Realized simulated dataset parameters.
.skip.3allele--biallelic-onlyList of variant IDs filtered out due to 3+ alleles.
.snplist--write-snplistList of variant IDs surviving filters/inclusion thresholds.
.tags*--show-tagsTagging variant list/report.
.tdt--tdtTransmission disequilibrium test report.
.tdt.poo--tdt pooParent-of-origin analysis.
.tfam--recode transposePLINK sample information file, part of transposed fileset.
.tped--recode transposePLINK transposed text genotype table.
.traw--recode A-transposeVariant-major additive component file.
.tucc.*--tuccPseudo case/control file(set).
.twolocus--twolocus4x4 joint genotype count table.
.var.ranges--write-var-rangesEqual-size variant ranges.
.vcf--recode vcf...1000 Genomes Project Variant Call Format (v4.2).

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